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What's new for July 2019

Published: Thursday, 20 June 2019

The July 2019 update for School Inspection + Improvement Magazine online contains the following new content:


Reviewing and revising your mission

Designing a bespoke and inclusive curriculum

Putting the arts at the heart of the curriculum

The rise in home education – why and what happens next

Rewrtiing the self-evaluation statement (SES)

Making the curriculum accessible to all

Why good mental health matters

Educational technology: the good, the bad and the ugly @

Mental health and behaviour: updated guidance @

Adverse childhood experiences @


Checklist – Revising your mission: auditing personal development

Form – Designing a creative curriculum

Form – Twenty-first-century skills and the arts

Form – Arts integrated planning template

Worked example – Self-evaluation statement template

Checklist – Suggested intervention strategies at Wave 1

Checklist – Suggested intervention strategies at Wave 2

Checklist – Suggested intervention strategies at Wave 3

Form – Strategies for teaching assistants 

Form – Action plan to review the use of TAs in your school

Checklist – Mental health and wellbeing

Form – Improving the use of technology in school @

Checklist – Technology: impact on pupils @

Form – Mental health, behaviour and attendance: A strategy planning tool for staff discussion @

Handout – Promoting positive behaviour for students with ACE @

Handout – Conversational starters following behaviour issues @


Q. We are currently drawing up our RSE curriculum for the next academic year. What would you advise us to be aware of from the government’s consultation response?

Q. We understand that the DfE is looking for volunteers to sign up to its pilot of the reception baseline in September 2019. Is this something you would recommend that we take part in?

Q. We use an isolation room for students on occasions. I understand that there is concern about this. Are we still allowed to have one?