Q. We have followed the advice that the safeguarding lead should be trained every two years and other members of staff every three years. Does this still apply?

Published: Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A. The statutory guidance, Keeping children safe in education, recommends that the designated safeguarding lead (DSL) should undergo training in child protection every two years. The point that staff should have refresher training every three years dates back to the document Safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education (DfE, 2006). This advice has since been replaced and the 2015 guidance advises that the headteacher and all staff members should undergo child protection training, which is updated regularly, in line with advice from the LSCB.

However, you should be aware that new, draft guidance is currently under consultation and that the recommendations for the DSL's training are changing. The proposed guidance, due to be implemented from September 2016, indicates that the training requirements for the DSL should be 'at appropriate intervals, as and when required (at least annually), to keep up with any developments relevant to their role.'

For staff training, it is stipulated that 'All staff should receive regular refresher training, at appropriate intervals, as and when required (at least annually), to keep up with any relevant safeguarding and child protection developments.'

This is a step up in training requirements which many schools may have already been implementing. If you are reviewing your training schedule then you would be wise to ensure that your arrangements meet these expectations. With safeguarding guidance and information often amended it makes sense to increase the frequency of training.

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